It's Under the Blood- Apusen Trio

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It's Under the Blood

The Apusen Trio provides a beautiful collection of songs that will encourage your heart. You will enjoy the close-knit, family harmony and powerful message through song.

  1. What Faith Does
  2. By the Way of the Cross
  3. To Rescue a Sinner Like Me
  4. Tell Me One More Time
  5. I Found It All
  6. Trust His Heart
  7. It's Under the Blood
  8. Because He Came
  9. Sheltered By His Grace
  10. Bow the Knee 



Reviews (2)

Kayin Rolland Jul 10th 2017

Finally, it's here!

Great to see this family produce an album. They have a great blend and the quality of the recording highlights that.

Serena Rossi Jun 19th 2017

So happy it finally exists!!

I remember when I was a student at GSBC. The highlight of every service was the amazing specials and choir songs NVBC sang . I especially enjoyed listening to the Appusen trio and constantly thought they should make a cd. So needless to say when I saw in my email that they finally did I was so excited!! No one else can sing " I Have Come by the Way of the Cross" quite like them. Thank you for making this CD all the songs on it are amazing and challenge me to be more grateful of my Saviours sacrifice, and a better Christian servant.

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