Songs & Hymns of Revival - Gold Edition Spiral Hymnal

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Please note: This hymnal is not the same as the burgundy or navy hymnal.
People visiting the North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, CA have commented on the excellent music and singing they enjoy during their visit. Those songs are now available in this beautiful gold supplemental hymnal, Songs & Hymns of Revival Gold Edition from North Valley Publications.

With even more gospel songs and choruses not found in most hymnals, Songs & Hymns of Revival Gold Edition has a variety of favorites for both your church congregation and choir.

With thousands of volumes in circulation, Songs & Hymns of Revival Gold Edition is an excellent hymnal that will stand the test of time, not only because of the scripturally sound songs that it contains, but also in the durable construction of the book itself.

This spiral-bound edition of Songs & Hymns of Revival Gold Edition is especially designed for piano, organ, keyboard players, or orchestra members. We also offer a hardback hymnal for your congregation or choir.

Download the song list of Songs & Hymns of Revival Gold Edition.


Reviews (4)

Lighthouse Baptist Church Mustang, OK Sep 27th 2017

Great Books for a Beginning Choir

These books are exactly what our church was looking for! The hymnal has a great selection of gospel songs, which are arranged in an easy to learn format. I highly recommend this booklet for a beginning choir.

Linda Sep 20th 2017

Music found

Our Choir director gave me the lyrics for "Give Him The Glory" without music. After much searching I found this song in the Gold edition of Songs & Hymns of Revival. Thank you for your prompt service. I love many of the other songs as well!

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