Opening an Account:

North Valley Publications provides every church the opportunity to start and stock its own bookstore using our bookstore account system. Opening an account is quick and easy. Just complete the following steps:

1.       Provide your church name, address, and a primary contact person

2.       Place a minimum initial order of $250 to open your account.

3.       Receive great savings on future orders!


 How to Order:

1.       Call: (408) 988-8881 Ext. 292

2.       Email:


Terms and Conditions:

1.    Account starter order is purchased at retail price.

2.    Accounts are only recognized after the initial order of $250 has been paid in full.

3.    Discounts applied to an order will reflect the tier (bronze/silver/gold) in which you are currently enrolled.

4.    When an order moves you to a new tier, your following order will reflect the new tier’s discount rates.

5.    Bookstore discounts are not available on all products.

6.    Quantity based discounts are taken from retail price.

7.    Bookstore discounts cannot be combined with any other promotion(s).

8.    Items purchased at bookstore rates must be resold or used for church purposes.

9.    Orders may be purchased via credit card or invoice (net 30).

10. Tier benefits are not inherited on a tier downgrade.