Songs & Hymns of Revival - Navy Spiral Hymnal

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People visiting the North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, CA have commented on the excellent music and singing they enjoy during their visit. Those songs  are now available in this beautiful navy hymnal, Songs & Hymns of Revival from North Valley Publications.

Our best-selling hymnal includes 551 of the most loved songs of the church, traditional hymns sung by our forefathers, and great congregational and evangelistic songs not found in most hymnals. 

With over 200,000 volumes in circulation, Songs & Hymns of Revival is an excellent hymnal that will stand the test of time, not only because of the scripturally sound songs that it contains, but also in the durable construction of the book itself.

This spiral-bound edition of Songs & Hymns of Revival is especially designed for piano, organ, or keyboard players. We also offer a hardback hymnal for your congregation as well as full orchestration for a variety of instruments.

Download the song list of Songs & Hymns of Revival.


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Rachel Sep 25th 2017

One of my favorite hymnals

Wide variety of traditional hymns and familiar "newer-comers" like "The Longer I Serve Him" or "Build My Mansion". We use it for specials in our church. It's also one of my top picks for teaching piano accompaniment, as it's written and scored in a very clear typeface and so versatile in its selection of songs. I've used both the hardbound and spiralbound, and both are very well constructed and have stood up to years of use now.

Sep 14th 2017

Revival Hymnal

I am very well pleased with the Hymnal. Has a variety of old hymns as well as some newer updated ones.

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