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How North Valley Baptist Church Reached Me

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How North Valley Baptist Church Reached Me

Inspiring Testimonies of Lives Changed by the Power of the Gospel

For the past 47 years, North Valley Baptist Church has been a shining light in California's Silicon Valley and beyond. Its ministry has led tens of thousands to accept Christ as their Savior, baptized countless individuals, transformed lives, and helped families establish a strong faith to pass down to future generations. Under the guidance of Pastor Jack Trieber and Mrs. Trieber, the church has become a thriving community, a true home to thousands, unlike any other. God's blessings have been evident in this place, and the members' testimonies serve as inspiration for Christians everywhere to recognize the power of the gospel and the significance of the local New Testament church in daily life.

This book features a collection of testimonials written by Christians of diverse backgrounds, detailing their experiences leading to their discovery of Christ and the North Valley Baptist Church. Each testimony is unique, ranging from brief accounts to longer narratives filled with struggles and hope. The writers come from various countries and backgrounds, and their spiritual journeys range from those who are new to the faith to those who have displayed unwavering devotion and faithfulness for many years. These genuine testimonies serve as an inspiration and a reminder of the transformative power of the gospel, and the importance of the New Testament local church in the life of the believer.

(128 pages, paperback)

 ISBN: 978-1-60171-772-6

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