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Songs & Hymns of Revival Orchestration: Baritone T.C., Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet

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People visiting the North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, CA have commented on the excellent orchestra that accompanies congregational singing. Now, you too can have the same resources. The orchestration books provide the accompaniment  to our best-selling hymnal Songs & Hymns of Revival, available in burgundy and navy.  The four-part harmony of the hymnal has been transposed for orchestra instruments. Each book consists of a two-line system, the melody for an instrument and an appropriate harmony part. With a minimum of four players, a complete harmony may be provided. 

Songs & Hymns of Revival Orchestration Hymnal accommodates the following key ranges:

  • 44-01 Flute, Oboe, Violin - Treble Clef C - Melody 8va. / Alto 8va.
  • 44-02 Clarinet, Cornet, Trumpet - Treble Clef Bb - Melody / Alto
  • 44-03 Bass Clarinet, Baritone T.C., Tenor Saxophone  - Treble Clef Bb - Tenor / Bass
  • 44-04 Alto Saxophone - Treble Clef Eb - Melody 8vb / Tenor 
  • 44-05 French Horn - Treble Clef F - Melody 8vb / Tenor
  • 44-06 Trombone, Baritone B.C., Cello - Bass Clef C - Melody 8vb / Tenor
  • 44-07 Trombone, Baritone B.C., Cello, Tuba, String Bass - Bass Clef C - Bass / Bass 8vb 
  • 44-08 Viola, Cello, String Bass - Alto/Bass Clefs C - Tenor Bass
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