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Stand for Jesus

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Stand for Jesus

Stand for Jesus is a CD filled with close-knit, family harmony by Bro. Alvin Martinez and his daughter Brooke. With its powerful and spirit-filled delivery, you are sure to be encouraged by songs such as "I Believe God," "Stand for Jesus," "It Matters to the Master," and "I Have Been Blessed."

  1. I Believe God
  2. I Need You More Today
  3. It Matters to the Master
  4. I Won't Have to Worry Anymore
  5. I Have Been Blessed
  6. My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast
  7. Remind Me, Dear Lord
  8. This Is Just What Heaven Means to Me
  9. Let Me Dream On/Thank God, I Am Free
  10. Remember When
  11. Mercy Walked In
  12. Stand for Jesus
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